I don’t wait for moods

Hi everyone, Today, I am kind of developing my coaching model and power tools which is in the weekend. Then, something just come up into my mind that I feel a full of energy eventhough I know that I have a lot things to do.

Then I asked my self, how this things happened? I mean, how I have a lot of energy to accomplished my work?

The small voice but very nice and wise, said to me that this is because I don’t wait for moods. Wow, I feel stronger and passionate with that voice. Then I said, that’s right. This is the secret. I don’t wait for moods. I have a thought that “mood has a strong effect to our emotion and accomplishment”. What do you think? I have practiced my self that when I don’t wait for moods, I accomplished something. Anytime when I wait for moods, I accomplish nothing.

Then I come up with the conclusion and principal that my mind must know it has got to get down to work. What do you think? Do you realize how strong the moods affect to our spirit on the daily life? Do you know that dealing with moods has driven the postponing and delaying of the accomplishment.

Onething that I acknowledge is that if we are the moody person, we will accomplish nothing. Not only that, it is also make the emotion up and down. Well, how do you feel now? Still wait for moods? I don’t thinks so. It is time to move forward, my friends 😉


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