There is a quote from unknown said that enthusiasm makes ordinary people extraordinary. It’s a quiet spiritual strength, an inner glow, a faith in action and tramples over prejudice. It is a strong quote that enabled YOU within a motivation, spirit and energy to move forward and gain the goals.


Enthusiasm and apathy have played a big role to the success of your achievement. Both of them have affected your moods and motivation in giving an action and having the progress. The more YOU are an apathy person, the delayed your progress and the longer YOU achieve your goals. So does the reverse. The more YOU enthusiasm, the more progress you have made, the closer your achievement to your goals.


Are YOU considering yourself as an enthusiasm or an apathy person? Do YOU feel apathy sometimes or on and on? How did YOU manage your apathy? Did YOU just accept it, struggle with it or work around it? Have YOU discussed with yourself, asking why your apathy is happened and what have made YOU feel that? Would YOU agree if apathy is started from less of motivation, interest and passion? Sounds there are many question that made you interesting, don’t YOU? Ok, let us discuss it further by exploring more to the definition of enthusiasm and apathy.


The first comprehensive dictionary of the English language, defines enthusiasm as “a vain belief of private revelation; a vain confidence of divine favor or communication.” In current English vernacular the word simply means intense enjoyment, interest, or approval.  People who fall into this modern definition of “enthusiasts” are adventurous, constantly busy with many activities with all the energy. Enthusiasm provides great excitement, interest in a subject craze, excitement and strong liking for something.


Enthusiasm is a big part of motivation and positive attitudes which help the clients get the idea, endless the options and achieve excellence. This makes a big difference to the end result. It is important to have a positive attitude to achieve excellence. How much is mental and how much is physical? Does it really matter? Both parts play a very important role and neither should be neglected.


Enthusiasm has motivated YOU to move forward and do action. Enthusiasm has driven your energy to have a positive thinking in doing something or in achieving the goals.


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